Message from the Board

Dearest Members,

C. G. Jung spoke about the tension of the opposites, with an invitation to engage our unconscious inner life and to have the courage to face our shadow selves. In the present time, when all is dark and shifting and changing, we are tasked with holding this tension, to clear out old ways of thinking and polarized assumptions, and to attend to the shadow. Sometimes it does “take a village”—or a community—to help support that process, and such is the great gift of Maine Jung Center membership.

We on the Board are extremely grateful for our members, presenters, and volunteers—all who have created the space (virtual for the greater part of 2020) to allow this process to unfold: members, who have remained ever-faithful and present at our online programs; presenters, who have offered amazing workshops, discussion, film nights, and so much more; volunteers, who have given so generously of their time and effort; and of course, the excellent and tireless efforts of our coordinator, Cybele Brandow.

Although we cannot know at this juncture what 2021 will look like, we are moving ahead exclusively with online programming and offering many exciting events for the coming Winter-Spring term! To begin, some of our local Jungian Analysts will present not one, but three separate workshops, each offered in a three-part series:

   Teresa Arendell, The Sumerian Myth of Inanna and the Feminine Principle
   Paola Biola, our semester’s core course, The ‘Self’: The Connection to our Divine Center
   Chris Beach, Big Dreams, Visions, and Active Imagination: Encounters with the Numinous

Among our other presenters will be Zuzana Plesa, Leah Chyten, Cheryl Fuller, Tenzin Dasel, Misha Klimov, and Cybele Brandow. And, last but certainly not least, we are very pleased to announce that Donald Kalsched will present A Depth Psychological Approach to the Current Malaise in American Social, Cultural, and Political Life for our Major Spring Program. As always, we will also offer ongoing discussion groups and monthly film nights.

Enclosed you will find an abridged Calendar of Events (we recommend unfolding this along the crease). You may register and find complete descriptions of each program on our website,

We very much look forward to your participation in our programs and discussions in 2021 and the beautiful gift of your wisdom and insight!

“Where love rules, there is no will-to-power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.” ~ C. G. Jung


Audrey McMorrow and Peggy Schick
Maine Jung Center Board Co-Chairs