FALL 2017 NEWSLETTER – Volume 29 No. 2

Message from the Board

Thank you for your membership with The Maine Jung Center. Together with you, we strive to be a place of heroic community, a supportive unifying center for all who are seeking knowledge, growth, and a deeper understanding of themselves and others. It seems especially important in these trying times when the country, if not the world, is in polarity—nations against nations, right vs. left, person against person.

With this in mind, we hope you’ll read through the entirety of this newsletter for all that the Maine Jung Center has to offer. There are many important programs lined up in the coming months. A sampling of the offerings includes Big Dreams, Visions and Active Imagination; What is Addiction?; and Confrontation with the Unconscious, to highlight just a few. Our featured weekend will bring Dr. Nathan Schwartz-Salant, who will talk about the Order-Disorder Paradox and the mystery and transformative value of disorder in our lives.

We are grateful that the Center’s membership continues to grow each year, and with that growth comes more ways in which you can be supportive. Our working committees are always open to new members. Serving on a committee is a helpful way for you to contribute, and it is often fun! We also appreciate the help of short-term volunteers who assist with the planning of our larger events. And of course, your financial support through your membership and your gift to the annual fund every year is critical to the Center’s ability to offer great programs.

We say farewell to three outgoing board members—Thankful Butler, Amy Haible, and Ed Hawes—who have served the Center well with hard work, heart and a great deal of gusto. Freda Bernotavicz steps down as Board Co-chair but will continue to serve as Chair of the Communications & Development Committee. We have been blessed by Freda’s leadership and dedication. The Center is pleased that Peggy Schick will step into the role of Board Co-Chair, and we welcome Marilyn Hardy as our newest board member.

Thank you for being a part of the Maine Jung Center.

Audrey McMorrow and Peggy Schick, Board Co-Chairs