Fall 2022 NEWSLETTER – Volume 36 No. 1

Message from the Board Co-Chairs

Dearest Members and Friends,

We hope that your summer has been full of enjoyable activities, lots of time with family and friends, and most importantly, opportunities for renewal. In the context of renewal, we are always open to new ideas from our members and new volunteers to bring fresh energy to our committees. Please reach out if you have suggestions for programs or an interest in being on a committee. For more information, please visit

One of the most frequently asked questions we have received is whether we are continuing online programming, or intend to start meeting in person as we did pre-pandemic. For a variety of reasons, we are continuing all programming online. While there are definitely benefits to meeting in person, our reasons for continuing online include greater access to people all over the state of Maine, as well as members in other states, and even countries. In addition, out of an abundance of caution, we want to be conscious of the most vulnerable people in our community in the context of Covid. However, for those of us who long for “in-person” contact, we will be holding all of our member events in-person this year. As for our discussion groups, we are leaving it to the specific members to decide their preferences. Currently, all open groups are opting to continue online, as is the case for movie nights.

Our Mildred Harris lecture and workshop this fall will be ‘What Have You Done with the Garden?’ Jung in the 21st Century: The Anthropocene, featuring our own Teresa Arendell who will be looking at the psychological and mental health aspects of the climate and ecological crises. We have many other wonderful offerings as well, opening with a lecture and workshop by Debb Freedman, entitled The Quiet Triumph of the Heart: Becoming the Kazkar; followed by Carol Davis’ Facia, Interoception & Empathy; Will Furber’s Big Dreams and the Artistic Imagination; Jean Raffa’s The Partnership Profile; and Jay Dufrechou’s Considering the Psychedelics Renaissance. Tools of Individuation programs include Bill Holt on winemaking and Kay Tobler Liss on her book, The Last Resort. Enclosed is the complete Fall Newsletter, which outlines the dates and times for each program, discussion group, and movie nights. You can also find it on our website at You will notice that our member pricing remains the same, but we have increased non-member pricing slightly. We strive to keep our programs as affordable as possible and scholarships are always available. If you have a need, please contact Tom, our Director/Coordinator, at

The climate and ecological crisis is forcing us to look at ourselves in new ways. We are embedded in nature, and as Jung said, “The psychic depths are nature and nature is creative life”. As always, we welcome you to reach out to either of us with your thoughts and ideas for the Center.

Nanette Giacoma and Jeffrey Pinnette, Board Co-Chairs