Summary of All Past Major Speakers


Year Major Speaker(s) Topic
1988-89 Anthony Stevens Collective Unconscious
1989-90 Linda Leonard Witness to the Fire
  Cornelia Dimmitt Hindu Mythology
  Mario Jacoby Individuation & Narcissism
1990-91 David Miller Totalitarianism of Spirit
  Jean Shinoda-Bolen Heroine-Hero in Every Person
1991-92 Ann & Barry Ulanov Anima & Animus
  Bill Geoghegan New Spirituality
1992-93 Murray Stein Gnosticism
  James Hillman Alchemical Blue
1993-94 John Beebe Psychological Type
  Vernon Brooks Cancer and AIDs:  The Psyche
1994-95 Nora Hall Intimacy
  Marianne Burke The Body as Shadow
1995-96 Donald Kalsched Defenses of the Self
  Manisha Roy Myths & Rituals
1996-97 Robert Bosnak Dreaming
  David Oswald The Lovers: A Uniting Symbol
1997-98 Ann & Barry Ulanov Human Spirituality
  Michael Conforti Archetypal Dimensions
1998-99 Hermann Strobel Active Imagination
  James Hollis Middle Passage
1999-00 Mary Loomis Language Illness
  Mary E. Thunder New Millennium
2000-01 Alden Josey New Ethic
  Jim Fitzgerald Vision of Light
2001-02 Anthony Stevens Archetypes
  Deb Friou & Sarah Halford Celtic Harp and Myth
2002-03 Brita Gill-Austern Humility
  Kate Barnes Great Mother
  Manisha Roy Hindu Mother Goddess
2003-04 Helene Shulman Lorenze Synchronicity
  Linda Leonard Call to Create
2004-05 Jonathon Young Myths
  Patrick Lavin Fundamentalisms
2005-06 Claire Douglas Dark Feminine
  Marvin Spiegelman Divine WABA
2006-07 James Hollis Finding Meaning in…
  John Beebe 8 Archetype Model
2007-08 Penelope Tarasuk Dreaming Animals
  Patricia Berry Hole in the Heart
  James Hollis Why Good People Do Bad Things
2008-09 Phil Cousineau Creative Process
  David Miller Poetry
2009-2010 Rick Tarnas Cosmos & Psyche
  Thomas Moore The Fool
2010-11 Joseph Cambrey Synchronicity
  James Hollis Stories Told, Stories Untold, Stories that Tell Us
2011-12 John Haule Shamanism & Healing
  Suzanne Geiser Jung & Pauli
  Lionel Corbett Spiritual Practice
2012-13 Rick Tarnas Comic Genius
  Jean Shinoda-Bolen Sacred Feminine
  Lyn Cowan Sea Biscuit:  The Heroic
2013-14 Dennis Slattery Myth, Rite, and Writing
  Ginette Paris Heartbreak
  Michael Conforti Dreams and Objective Psyche
2014-15 Robert Sardello The Placebo Effect
  Robert Romanyshyn & Victoria Goodchild Deep Ecology and Subtle Energies
  Richard Kradin Placebo & Psychosomatic
2015-16 Will Furber, Bill Ventimiglia, & Teresa Arendell Why Jung is Still Relevant to our Times
  Donald Kalsched Trauma and the Soul
2016-17 Paul Huss Life After Life: A Jungian Perspective
  Bernard Sartorius Worlds Apart: Making Sense of Polarization
  Richard Tarnas Earth Community at a Threshold of Transformation
2017-18 Nathan Schwartz-Salant & Lydia Salant The Order-Disorder Paradox
  Ann Ulanov ‘Later Life’ is Now / Projection : How It Divides and Hurts Us
2018-19 Melanie Starr Costello Natural Cycles, Natural Symbols: Individuation as Ecology
  Beverley Zabriskie Emotion: The Alchemistry of Life
2019-20 John Peck Sherlocking Suffering in The Red Book and in Ourselves
  Sherri Mitchell Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change
2020-21 Gary Astrachan Naming the Gods: Cy Twombly’s Passionate Poiesis
  Donald Kalsched A Depth-Psychological Approach to the Current Malaise in American Social, Cultural, and Political Life

Joy Vaughan, Grid of Life