Psychoanalysis, in general, is a form of one-on-one therapy that asks us to dive below our conscious life to find what lies in the unconscious.

In Jungian analysis, in particular, we look to our outer lives and current relationships, our education and work, and our personal and family histories, but also to our personal unconscious and to what C. G. Jung called the “Collective Unconscious“. Our dreams and fantasies are analyzed with the goals of increasing self- knowledge, finding new meaning in life, and becoming more whole.

We find within ourselves manifestations of the Shadow, the Anima and Animus, the Great Father and Great Mother and other archetypal energies. We thereby become more aware of our connection to basic life forces that we have previously overlooked or have only partially recognized.

The work of therapy is done with a Jungian Analyst, a professional who has undergone long-term analysis her/himself and who has earned a diploma from a Jung Institute after completing an extensive program of training, typically requiring the equivalent of three or four years of full-time studies, two sets of examinations, and the completion of a thesis.

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Red Book by C. G. Jung