Welcome to the Maine Jung Center Library!


The Jung Center Library is open during our regular hours. Please contact the Center prior to your visit at 207-729-0300 or by email at info@mainejungcenter.org to be sure there is someone here or to arrange another time.


The Center houses a large and eclectic collection of books, periodicals, and audio-visual media related to the field of analytical psychology, philosophy, and religion. The collection includes all of C. G. Jung’s Collected Works, the work of Marie-Louise Von Franz, James Hillman, Joseph Campbell and hundreds of other authors who have made a contribution to the field.

You may browse our library catalog by selecting the links below:

The periodical and audiovisual collection is not yet available online.


All materials are available for public access during the hours the Center is open. Members may borrow materials for up to one month with the exception of rare or archival materials, which must remain on site. Materials may be renewed over the phone.


The Library acquires books mainly through donations and from proceeds from book sales. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact the Center office by email or phone to make arrangements.