Each year in the autumn, the Maine Jung Center has an all-Member gathering to initiate the upcoming program year. This is a festive event allowing time to socialize with like-minded people who speak the language of Jung, followed by a presentation on a topic which amplifies Jung’s thoughts or ideas.  We enjoy a delicious catered spread, and then come together for the special program or presentation. Our members look forward to this event with its opportunity to gather with other members after the summer hiatus, and to experience together a program that will illuminate out thinking on many levels.

As a Member, you will receive an invitation in the autumn to this special highlight of our Maine Jung Center year to usher in a focus on our desire to stay uniquely connected to topics, people, and experiences which deepen our understanding of self and the world.

Examples of some recent Members Eve presentations include:

2013, Our 25th Anniversary Gathering, 1988-2013,How We Came to Be and Where We are Going”

2014, A Look at Fairy Tales, A psychological perspective on the popular animated movie, Frozen (based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Snow Queen), with excerpted film segments and commentary by Jungian analysts

2015, Classical Mythology with a performance by Figures of Speech Theatre’s, Cupid and Psyche, followed by Q&A  with the performers

2016, The Nightingale with a performance by Figures of Speech Theatre, followed by a Q&A with the performers



“Holy Water”  3’x4′ Watersoluble oils on board:  Catherine Lacombe, with permission .  Painted from memory, a place I visited in an out of body experience during meditation. www.mysticsoul.org