The generosity of individual donors keeps the Maine Jung Center a vital, relevant, inclusive, and engaging space; and ultimately, ensures the fulfillment of our mission and the enrichment of our community.

Harris Circle ($1,000+)

Chris & Kathy Beach 
Freda Bernotavicz –
in memory of Karen Gillman
Thankful Butler & Frederick Lancaster
Carolyn A. Earnest

Michael Mastronardi – in memory of William D. Geoghegan 
Peggy Schick & Jeff Pinnette

Friends of the Maine Jung Center 

Paola Biola 
Elizabeth Coleman
Kali Coles
Betsy & Vern Cook 
Robert Cornett 
Diane Croft
Kenneth Davis –
i.h.o. Diane Croft
Judith Day
Eliot Field 
Nanette Giacoma 
Christos & Christine Gianopoulos –
i.m.o. Karen Gillman
Floyd Goffin 
Alan & Nancy Grant
Amy Haible 
Tracy Hall –
i.h.o. John Kerr 
Marilyn Hardy 
Ed & Helen Hawes 
Hal & Rachel Henderson
William & Mary Holt 
Marilyn & Paul Huss 
Stephen W. Hyde
Mary Kelley & Paul Tabor
Rocco LaPenta & Linda Albert 
Jennifer Legnini
Faith Mason –
i.h.o. Wolfgang Giegerich 
Audrey McMorrow
Roger & Margot Milliken
Tim H. Parsons 
Marby Payson
John & Joan Peck 
John Philson & Susan Farwell
Bradford Pusey –
i.h.o. Paul & Marilyn Huss
Philip Ross –
i.m.o. Mildred E. Harris
Linda Sadoff
Lynda Schmidt 
Julie Sgarzi
Martha L. Spruce 
Brian Steppacher –
i.h.o. Dr. Wolfgang Schwarz
Joy Vaughan 
Margaret & Peter Webster 
Carolyn Woodworth