Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Maine Jung Center!

We welcome program proposals on an ongoing basis. Proposals can be submitted for lectures (2 hours), workshops (2+ hours), classes (multiple sessions, typically not exceeding 4 sessions), or our Tools of Individuation program (2 hours, typically on a Sunday afternoon). Longer programs are considered by invitation-only of the Maine Jung Center.

Please review our guidelines for proposal submissions below. We hope this information helps you in crafting your proposal, and in knowing what to expect once the proposal has been submitted.

Please click HERE to fill out our online program proposal form, or download the proposal template (Word) / (PDF) and submit it directly to the Center’s Coordinator either by email at, or by mail (Maine Jung Center, 183 Park Row, Brunswick, ME 04011). The Program Committee will review your proposal at an upcoming meeting.

If you need assistance in formulating your proposal, here are several suggestions:

  • Attend a few programs at the Center to get a feel for the kind of events we offer.
  • Review the Center’s past program offerings, which might be helpful in drafting the proposal itself (from our Homepage, click “Learn More” and then “Newsletter Archives”). The program descriptions and titles are taken directly from the proposals.
  • Contact the Coordinator at or 207-729-0300 with any additional questions. If they are unable to answer your questions, they will add your inquiries to the agenda of an upcoming Program Committee meeting.


  • To present during the fall/winter program cycle (Sept – December), please submit your proposal as soon as possible before May 1st.
  • To present during the winter/spring program cycle (January – June), please submit your proposal as soon as possible before October 24th.
  • Once the Program Committee reviews your proposal, you will hear from either the Program Committee or the Coordinator as to the status of your proposal, and/or if additional information is needed.
  • Approved programs will be scheduled within 12 months of approval; that is, if your program is approved, it will be scheduled for one of the two upcoming program cycles. Please note that we will do our best to schedule your event during the program cycle of your preference.
  • Within two weeks following an approved proposal, we will ask you to communicate your schedule preferences including any dates that are not convenient for your program.
  • The Program Committee will finalize the program calendar for the fall program cycle by the end of May; the upcoming spring calendar will be finalized by late November.
  • Standard program contracts are sent out several weeks before the start of each program cycle, at which point the Coordinator will ask you to review and sign your contract at your earliest convenience.
  • All other program details (such as program description edits, venue, A/V needs, etc.), should be finalized with the Coordinator before the start of an upcoming program cycle.


The Maine Jung Center charges a fee to registrants for each program, and will set the fee for your program based on our internal guidelines. The fee paid to presenters is 60% of the net income for the program. Presenters are not compensated for travel, meals, accommodations, or other such expenses. If you will be providing materials for dissemination, you will be responsible for making the copies. If you need to charge a materials fee (for art programs for example), let the Coordinator know, so that this can be included in the fee charged. For more information regarding our fee structure, please contact our Coordinator.

We thank you for your proposal submissions and ask for your patience in this process.
Our Coordinator is part-time, and proposals and programming are only one sliver of their responsibilities. And while our Program Committee is devoted, they are but a small band of volunteers!

Peggy Schick, Monhegan