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Last Featured Event of the 2015-2016 Year


20 MAY |  Lecture with SARAH HALFORD
FRIDAY, MAY 20, 7 to 9 pm.


SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2016, 9 AM TO 12 PM


The catastrophic effects of climate change continue to radically alter our outer world even as dreams and nightmares of flood, fire and famine dissolve our sense of inner coherence.  In between lies the realm of imagination, and the many art forms of that realm.  One such is the art of story-making, the active process of crafting a story from the raw material of images, emotional reactions, feelings, thoughts, and sensations.  A well-formed story can make conscious something which is half formed or even inchoate.  It can also offer a firm basis for a sense of ethical engagement and action in the world. Jungian psychology provides essential tools for this process.

Many environmental activists and ethicists have called for new stories of relationship with the earth to replace the failing stories of domination and its ethic of “More”.  This lecture and workshop will hold a space in which to discover what new stories do arise, what new worlds do emerge and what ethical implications there might be for new patterns of behavior.

The morning workshop will focus on using the tools of Jungian psychology to create space that invites the formation of new stories and rituals.  Using images of relationship and engagement with the natural world, tools such as meditation, active imagination, and drawing will be used to uncover the raw material, which will then be shaped into story.

Sarah Halford, PhD, is a Jungian analyst living and practicing in Oxfordshire, UK, having returned there after living many years in Maine.  She lectures and offers workshops on psyche, climate change, and Celtic mythology, often at the Maine Jung Center and the C.G. Jung Institute—Boston, as well as in the UK.  She is a storyteller and enjoys participating in tree planting and bat conservation groups.

Nancy Grice, August Mandala
Nancy Grice, August Mandala