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22 JULYFilm and Discussion with JOHN PHILSON
FRIDAY, JULY 22, 7 to 9 pm


A small-time serial convenience store robber (Nicholas Cage) decides to go straight, marrying his long-time prison photographer (Holly Hunter). Unfortunately, he quickly finds that he can’t easily escape his past, present, or future. A rollicking farce (with soul) from the Coen brothers features outrageous set-pieces, an infernal nemesis figure, an atypical hero’s journey, and John Goodman. Released some 30 years ago, this cult favorite deserves to be seen again, as informed through the lens of your Jungian eyes. Bring a kindred spirit; don’t keep it to yourself; who says Jung Center films have to be downers? Length: 90 minutes with discussion to follow. (John Philson)

John Philson, moderator, is a rank amateur, and retired at that, but wants to share a favorite.

Nancy Grice, August Mandala
Nancy Grice, August Mandala