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A Spirit of Fire & the Missing Yellow

LECTURE : Friday, June 1; 7 to 9 pm
Curtis Library, Morrell Meeting Room, 23 Pleasant St, Brunswick

WORKSHOP : Saturday, June 2; 10 am to 4 pm
Maine Jung Center, 183 Park Row, Brunswick

FRIDAY LECTURE: Not a Science But a Story: Imagination & the Lumen Natura

In Friday evening’s lecture, the presenter will argue for three fundamental propositions: 1. Imagination is Reality; 2. Our experience is historically and culturally variable; 3. Language is the means by which we both receive and create the world. We will explore the consequences of this view of reality with the help of the work of C. G. Jung, Henry Corbin, James Hillman, Gaston Bachelard and a variety of poets and artists. We will also consider Jung’s Red Book, why he refused to think of it as “art,” and its place within the artistic tradition…  [READ MORE HERE]

Nancy Grice, August Mandala

august, 2018

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