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Religious but Not Religious
Religious but Not Religious with Jason Smith
Members: $20, Non-Members $30
Held via Zoom | Friday, March 24 from 7 to 9 pm

We live at a time when traditional religious structures are in decline. Today an increasing number of people identify themselves as “Spiritual but not Religious.” Though this movement reflects a felt need for greater interiority in the domain of religious experience, it has often been criticized as reflecting a secular consumer culture’s approach to the spirit and lacking the important dimension of rigor and discipline. For his part, Carl Jung felt that the modern individual was badly in need of “the symbolic life” which had always found expression in traditional religion.

Drawing on his book, Religious but Not Religious: Living a Symbolic Life, Jungian analyst Jason E. Smith explores Jung’s understanding of the psychological importance of religious experience through the lens of three questions: What is the symbolic life? Why do we need a symbolic life? How can we cultivate a symbolic life?

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