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The Maine Jung Center ~ Founded 1988


C. G. Jung felt that there is within each of us a powerful energy attempting to bring meaning and completeness to our lives. 

He called the disciplined search for the meaning of one’s life, and its relationship to the universe as a whole, the individuation process. He saw that nature and each person contain many contradictory, opposing energies – some of which do not exist within the field of conscious awareness. He realized that we reach toward wholeness by recognizing and owning these contradictory, often unseen or rejected, parts of ourselves. Within the general framework of these ideas the Center seeks to:

  • Exemplify C. G. Jung’s devotion to intellectual honesty and growth and eschew unquestioning adherence to any belief or dogma, including those of Jung himself.

  • Provide a community setting where people interested in analytical psychology and related subjects may deepen their understanding of Jungian thought and experience through such activities as lectures, seminars, discussion groups, and experiential workshops.

  • Honor the religious archetype, celebrate the numinous, however it manifests, and recognize the mystery of Maine’s land and seascapes.

  • Nourish the strength and sensitivity necessary to see that motives and qualities are often accompanied by their opposites, lurking in the shadows. The contradiction between these two opposing energies is often resolved by denying one of them; however, the path to healing and wholeness leads us to acknowledge each member of such a pair and to suffer the tension between them. Wisdom beckons us to regard such paradoxes, not as defects in the universe, but as examples of the richness and mystery of being, which invite celebration.

  • Recognize, with compassion and humor, the uniqueness of each individual~

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